Wage & Overtime

Valuable Legal Assistance for Your Wage & Overtime Dispute

Are the wages and overtime pay at your Florida job failing to add up, time after time? Are you being taken advantage of by your employer where wages and overtime are concerned? Are you a business owner falsely accused of incompletely crediting your workers’ wages and overtime?

We can mediate, arbitrate, negotiate or litigate your wage and overtime dispute, at the employment law firm of De Varona, Arango & Weinstein. Contact our Miami and Hollywood law offices at 305-441-7400.

Federal laws such as the Federal Labor Standards Act are supposed to protect employees from wage and overtime abuses. Perhaps you fear wrongful termination or retaliatory discharge if you report repeated, conspicuous abuses. Our attorneys can help you with your overtime or wage dispute involving any of the following issues:

  • Is your overtime pay missing from your paycheck?
  • Are you being asked to report early or accomplish extra tasks?
  • Are you being misclassified as an employee?
  • Are you being accurately paid for your “on call” status?
  • Does your wage and overtime dispute relate to your immigration status?
  • Have you been threatened with dismissal due to accumulating sick leave or family medical leave?

Representing Both Employers and Employees

Our client-committed employment law attorneys want you to receive what you have earned. We make sure you have legal protections if someone tries to fire you. We see to it that abusive Florida employers are held accountable. Conversely, we work to protect employers from allegations of wage and overtime abuses.

The lawyers of De Varona, Arango & Weinstein know employment law. We know how to get results in wage and overtime disputes. Whether you are an employee or unfairly accused employer, we have the legal leadership you need. Call toll-free: 305-441-7400.

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