Artist Representation

Experienced Legal Representation to Support and Advance Your Career

img resentation Usually artists begin relationships with lawyers once something disastrous has occurred. The Law Firm of Mario R. Arango P.A. are here to help you advance your career path and maintain steady progress consistent with your goals.

Mario Arango has been an advocate and patron to the arts over the course of the past 30 years. Throughout that time Mr. Arango has witnessed many young and established artists pursue exciting career endeavors and has recognized a need for legal representation.

Mr. Arango's clients range from those working locally to those partnering with international brands. Regardless of where your are in your artistic journey, it benefits you to have someone on your side, representing your interests.

The Law Firm of Mario R. Arango P.A. services range from career development, contract negotiations, financial agreements and client management services to advising, royalty agreements and consulting services.

Remember, its never too soon or too late to seek professional counseling from lawyers who understand the needs of artists across all disciplines.

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