Workers’ Compensation

Florida Lawyers Protect Your Rights in Worker's Compensation

Worker's compensation began as a way to compensate workers who were legitimately injured while working or traveling in the course of their duties. If you have suffered a serious on-the-job personal injury for which you deserve financial compensation — for lost wages and, medical bills — the attorneys at The Law Firm of Mario R. Arango P.A. will work to see that your rights are protected.

Our law firm's full-service worker's compensation practice has secured benefits and recovered cash settlements in many situations where an employer is unsympathetic to a seriously injured employee's benefits request.

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Your work injury could be chronic or repetitive, from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome to a debilitating head, neck or lower back injury. Your accident may have begun as a product liability case that led to major surgery or an amputation. One of your family members may have suffered a wrongful death accident on the job. You may have contracted an occupational illness due to exposure to toxic environments.

At The Law Firm of Mario R. Arango P.A. , we can speak for the rights of workers in any category, including those who have not yet acquired U.S. citizenship: resident and illegal aliens. If you are working in this country without benefit of a work visa, or if you have been granted certain worker's compensation benefits but denied others, you should speak with our personal injury law firm.

Any lawyer you select to handle your Florida worker's compensation case should have ample experience and a reputation for results. At The Law Firm of Mario R. Arango P.A., we have both.

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