Social Security Disability

Has Your Application for Disability Benefits Been Denied?

Is your quality of life not what it should be due to a serious disability? Should you be receiving Social Security benefits for your disability? Have your attempts at Social Security disability benefits been denied?

At The Law Firm of Mario R. Arango P.A., we assist clients throughout Florida with appeals of Social Security disability denials. Our decades of experience and reputation for results can make a positive difference in your disability benefits status.

Our south Florida SSDI disability lawyers conduct thorough legal and medical research, on your behalf. We actively recruit physicians and other medical experts for evidence and expert testimony that confirm your disability.

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Why was your bid for Social Security disability benefits denied? The medical records and documentation you presented may have been incomplete. Your application may have been incorrectly filled out. You may have relied too heavily on input from Social Security Administration doctors, rather than your own.

Our attorneys uncover and present evidence that highlights your disability. If your benefits have been terminated, we uncover and offer proof that your disability has not improved. We represent your interests in administrative appeals, before administrative law judges and at Social Security appeals councils.

You and your family will appreciate our law firm's comprehensive grasp of Social Security disability appeals law and reasons for denied claims. We customize and personalize our service to meet your unique needs. We consistently make ourselves available to your questions, issues and concerns. You will work directly with an experienced disability attorney from the moment you contact us.

We look forward to meeting you at your free consultation with The Law Firm of Mario R. Arango P.A. If your disability prevents you from visiting one of our offices, we can come to you.

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