Longshoreman / Jones Act

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Are you a longshoreman who has been seriously injured at your job off the Florida coast? Was your injury the result of a co-worker's or supervisor's negligence, or malfunctioning heavy work equipment? The Longshore Harbors Workers Act is a no fault law covering those workmen who are involved in the loading/unloading, assembly or disassembly of boats and ships. If you have an accident regardless of fault, you are covered.

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These claims are typically filed under the Jones Act and the Longshoremen and Harbor Workers Act. The Jones Act was enacted over 70 years ago and many injured offshore workers have used this statute to recover for their injuries. However, these claims are complicated and require the help of an experienced attorney to guide you through the process.

You can rely on our maritime law injury attorneys' decades of experience and reputation for results in cases related to:

  • Commercial Shipping
  • Cargo Ships
  • Tourist Cruise Ships
  • Injuries at Port
  • Crew Boats
  • Supply Boats
  • Tugboats
  • Ferries
  • Commercial Fishing Vessels

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Protecting Your Rights in Longshoreman & Jones Act Maritime Law Cases

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