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Business and property owners have a legal duty to make their residences and retail establishments reasonably safe for pedestrians. If an unsafe environment has caused you to slip and fall, and sustain a serious personal injury, those in charge should be held accountable.

At De Varona, Arango & Weinstein, LLC., we have decades of experience and a reputation for results with premises liability slip-and-fall claims.

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If you have sustained a life-changing personal injury in a fall, in an auto accident, at your job, from exposure to a defective product or as a result of medical malpractice, you should contact us immediately.

We listen carefully to your account of what happened to you. We look closely at the details of your accident and bring in investigators, if necessary, to examine it further. We skillfully negotiate with the owners of the unsafe property or their insurance company. We will go all the way to trial to protect your rights. Our past clients have deeply appreciated our lawyers’ honesty, loyalty, perseverance and command of personal injury law.

Negligence should cost a property owner. You deserve full financial compensation for your lost wages, medical bills, continuing medical care and pain and suffering. We work on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you owe no attorney fees unless we win your case and collect settlement damages for you.

If you are unable to visit our law office, we will come to you. We need to hear the specifics of your potential case, so we will know how to help.

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